Dorset Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers

Promoting traditional textile crafts across Dorset

Certifcate of Achievement. Recent meetings.

October meeting.

We had been repeatedly noticing that we are not spinning “thick” any more, so I decided to set a “thick and thin” challenge. Cunningly hidden in envelopes -one each- were samples of yarns of different thickness. The challenge was to spin as closely to each yarn sample as possible. As the illustration shows, we did not get it exactly this time, but we did at least manage to move out of auto spin and into different thicknesses.


Also at this meeting, Helen launched “Chiengora” her new niche market of spinning your dog’s hair into personilzed items such as bracelets, hats, pictureframe mounts, Dorset button brooches etc. Wishing you success, Helen.


December’s meeting was our Christmas party, with such exciting events as Pene’s feely bags, Helen’s extraordinarily difficult Wool Marketing Board children’s quiz, Jean’s pin the tail on the alpaca and of course our fibre swap challenge. In October and November we had each donated 100g of unwanted fibre. Jean redistributed the fibres amongst the group so that we each had a smorgasbord of all the donations plus a sprinkling of sparkle directly from Santa’s little helpers. Our challenge was to produce something from this unwanted fluff. We spent a happy hour or two combing, carding and spinning before tucking into Bob and Pete’s delicious Christmas fare. The evening rounded off with the bran tub: home made gifts of no more than £5.






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