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AGM Minutes

As promised at the AGM, here are the draft minutes for you all to read, mark and inwardly digest! If you have any amendments to suggest, please let me know at the next Guild meeting you can get to.


Minutes of the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on

SATURDAY 30th NOVEMBER 2013 at 1.30pm


The Holy Trinity Parish Centre, Sunninghill School, Dorchester DT1 1QG


     Apologies: Sally Mottram, Val Wateridge, Barbara Kimber, Annie Paterson, Jo Corbet, Norah Webb, Amani Skillen, Ann Parker, Helen English, Ros Atkins, Kate Clifford & Rosemary Levy. A head-count showed 47 members present at the start of the meeting.

  1. Minutes of the AGM held on November 24th 2012: were accepted, proposed by Jill Noades, seconded by Jane Light.
  2. Matters arising: There were no matters arising.
  3. Correspondence: Members’ attention was drawn to the latest Association Update, which will be posted on the blog shortly & available at the next meeting; also to the letter about the new Regional Groupings stressing that we need to start preparing for the 2016 National Exhibition in our group’s area as soon as possible. Barrington Court was suggested as one possible venue to investigate.
  4. Annual Report from the Chair: Sonya summed up the year, which started in January with the move to our new venue at Sunninghill School, which has given us lots more room and potentially other avenues to raise funds too. Members of the Guild had attended lots of shows over the summer, many of which we are now able to sell at, and in future those who demonstrate at shows will be able to sell their work at them without paying commission, and will also be able to claim mileage. She thanked Margaret as outgoing Treasurer particularly, for all her hard work, and presented her with flowers, a card & some vouchers. Next year’s projected activities include morning workshops, trips out and possibly arranging an Exhibition of our own.
  5. Financial Report: Margaret first of all read out a letter from our President, Peg Page who turned 100 this year. We had sent her a card & flowers & she sent a letter of thanks and encouragement by return. On the finance front, Margaret reported that whilst the balance sheet is looking healthy, with a surplus of income over expenditure of £190, actual turnover is down, mainly because there were no Guild trips out or workshops this year, and because membership has fallen by 10 over the year. She pointed out that two individuals in particular had been responsible for raising big sums for the Guild, Ann Baseden with the Bags & Batts of Inspiration and Jane Light for organising the sale of Guild Merchandise, and thanked them especially. Jean Thorn proposed a vote of thanks to Margaret, Jane Light seconded & the meeting passed it unanimously. Acceptance of the accounts were proposed by Ann Baseden, seconded by Carol Lewis & passed unanimously.
  6. In lieu of a Library Report: Jean Thorn read out a letter to the Association’s Certificate of Achievement co-ordinator, detailing how the group had been set up, what members were studying & working on, and how it is organised.
  7. Officers and members of the Executive Committee: Sonya Hammond had indicated her willingness to continue as Chair; no nominations had been received for a new Secretary but Claire Commons indicated at the meeting that she would be willing to shadow Angie with a view to taking the role on in future. As she is a new member, the offer was gratefully accepted & she was co-opted onto the Committee as Assistant Secretary. Jo Nash was willing to stand as Treasurer &  no other nominations were received. Two vacancies had occurred; new members standing were Ananda Armstrong-King & Sue Fridd. Therefore the Committee will now be: Chairwoman, Sonya Hammond, Treasurer, Jo Nash, Secretary, Angie Corbet, Assistant Secretary Claire Commons, and members, Carol Lewis, Clare Hughes, Jane Light, Gail Reeves, Ananda Armstrong-King & Sue Fridd.
  8. Membership Subscriptions: Sunninghill have not so far this year increased the rent, so no increase in subscriptions is needed. The school had also agreed a refund for October’s rent, as the hall was being redecorated & less than a third of the usual space was available, without giving us any notice. Margaret pointed out that for this meeting and the Christmas Market, tables, chairs, cups & other supplies had been unavailable due to a school event in another hall the night before, and indicated that she would ask for a discount for this month too, as this was in breach of our contract with them.   
  9. Motions for discussion: No motions had been received.
  10. Proposed Programme for 2013: Carol reported that the programme for 2014 was still under construction, but it will include talks from Thereshina Roberts, Betty Ruffle and Jackie Carey. She also encouraged members to suggest new books for the Library, and to actually borrow & use the older books, which contain a lot of real, useful information rather than pretty pictures with no real content.
  11. Any other business: Lynn Davenport suggested that members should refrain from knitting during talks, as some speakers find it very offputting. Also that mobile phones should be switched off for the duration. This was put to the vote & carried, but not without objections. In future, speakers could perhaps be asked whether they would prefer members not to knit? Ann Baseden suggested that we invite Wingham Wool down for a session and for a workshop the next day, October being the most likely meeting, after the September Open Day; members were enthusiastic. Re-instating the Clearing-Up rota was suggested, as this tends to fall to the same few people every time. It was felt that designating members on the actual day was the best approach, either to clear up themselves OR to find someone else willing to do so for them. A younger member asked that more experienced members try to adopt a positive & encouraging attitude to those less experienced than themselves; this was reinforced by other members and should be born in mind by us all whenever we are demonstrating or helping others. It was suggested that a “mentor” scheme be set up for new members, and that we should also have a “Hostess” to meet & greet at each meeting; Helen Price volunteered to fill this role. Members were reminded of the existence of the Suggestion Box and informed that the Committee do look at & discuss the suggestions at each meeting, so were encouraged to use it, or to  email or ring Sonya with suggestions & ideas. It was suggested that we should have a dedicated group on the website and also a Facebook page; Sarah Matthew volunteered to set these up. A morning IT workshop was suggested to help members who are less technically able to access these resources. It was requested that the minutes of this meeting be posted online and also in the Newsletter, and this was agreed.

 There being no further business, the meeting was concluded at 2.30pm.”

Hope this will help you all remember what was agreed!



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